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MSI is a family owned plumbing company serving both Peoria and Galesburg IL. Whether you're looking for leaky toilet repair or a complete kitchen or bath remodel, we at MSI have the know-how and experience to get the job done. We offer 24 hour emergency service, so whenever you need us, we'll be there. 


"MSI has done a tremendous amount of work for Graham Health System over the years and is currently involved in two multi-million dollar projects for us. Their design work, their budgeting processes, their ability to value engineer projects and their ability to work within the “healthcare space” of construction are all what I consider 'world class.'"

- Robert G. Senneff, President & CEO of Graham Health System


In residential settings, our plumbing work includes bathroom and kitchen fixtures, sewage and sump pump installation, as well as irrigation repair and backflow prevention testing. As for commercial settings, we've worked in healthcare facilities, schools, warehouses, churches, office buildings, factories and historic buildings. Our services include underground storm and sanitary systems, interior fixtures, as well as fire hydrant mains and medical gas line installation. 


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Plumbing Company in Galesburg IL


As part of our mission to be the best plumbing company in Galesburg IL, each of our technicians are qualified union workers distinguished by their technical expertise and extensive hands-on experience. We closely adhere to our core values, and we're dedicated to providing the highest quality plumbing services in the area. We work with both residential structures and commercial establishments, as well as water treatment plants, health care facilities, and other locations. 


We practice the following values and apply them to our work. In this way, our clients can have a great experience with our service:


Commitment - When we say we're there at a certain time, we'll be there at that time. We want to respect your time by arriving and starting work on schedule. Moreover, we follow what needs to be done and put on our best work to achieve the best results. We also go beyond the extra mile and identify future problem areas that could grow if not addressed immediately.


Capability - A professional plumber always has all the right tools on hand for a job and follows a specific guideline to troubleshoot or install systems. Estimates on your project should always be accurate, and a plumber's experience with different equipment should also be considered. The ability to create contingencies for every problem encountered during a job should also be a critical value in a plumber. Moreover, in any plumbing job, safety is key. A professional never makes excuses about safety requirements and regulation.


Clarity - As a professional plumber, we are always clear about all our rates and fees even before a job starts, and we provide clear estimates on your job so that you can have a good idea of a budget beforehand. Detailed information such as the cost of materials should be communicated properly to the client, so we maintain a transparent system that allows our clients to be involved more in the project.


Control - At MSI, we have complete control over our work, such that our efficiency levels are always improved one job after another because we learn lessons from our tasks. For example, coupled with our experience, our continuous training about the best practices in the industry helps us implement efficient workflows that result in successful projects.


Credibility - Plumbers at MSI are the leaders of the industry, and our credibility is build on a solid foundation of trust from the community. We have helped businesses and homeowners with their plumbing, and we never fail to do a good job on them. 


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Toilet Repair


As part of our comprehensive plumbing services, we at MSI proudly offer toilet repair. Remember, we offer 24 hour emergency service, but if you find yourself in a jam and need a quick solution, we've created a list of common toilet problems and their solutions.


Poor flushing - This issue can be caused by a number of factors. First, hard water deposits in the siphon hole may be the cause of clogging. Washing with muriatic acid should solve the problem. Also, there must be something wrong with the flush handle, lever or lift arm, flapper valve, chain, or their connections. Replacing one of them should restore proper flushing. If you are unsure what part is defective, then call a professional to determine the source of the problem. The handle may be too loose or tight, the lift arm may be broken or bent, or the lift chain may be broken or may have excessive slack.


Slow-filling Toilet - There could be a problem with the water supply, or the valve parts may need cleaning. To ensure proper operation, call a professional as there could be issues with the plumbing.


Constantly Running Toilet - This is a major problem as it wastes water and costs money. There could be a problem with the fill tank. Specifically, the flapper valve could be defective. A replacement can solve the problem, but hiring a professional for inspection ensures that the problem does not recur.


Water Around the Toilet - This could indicate a major plumbing problem, so you need to call a professional immediately to prevent damage to your subfloor. Water may be dripping from the side of the tank or the toilet may have a crack. Either way, calling help for repairs is the best thing to do.



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Employing professional plumbers in Galesburg, IL who are leaders in the field can guarantee an excellent job, whether new construction, remodeling, or troubleshooting. Of course, we all want the best plumbers to be working on our projects, but we're also conscious about our budget. This is where expertise in managing plumbing work comes in. With professional plumbers such as MSI, jobs are performed cost-effectively so that the client pays less. We value good business practices in all our tasks so that our clients can build their trust toward our work.



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