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Over time, air conditioning units age and will fail at some point. When that day comes, you shouldn't have to wait till morning for a/c repair. MSI provides 24-hour repair services, so when your A/C unit fails, we'll have it back up and running in short order. 


It's wise to have your air conditioning unit checked and repaired as needed before hot weather comes, that way you aren't stuck sweating in your own home. Our comprehensive HVAC services include assessing the health of your a/c unit to help you avoid an untimely failure. Whether you need immediate repair services or if you'd like to schedule an assessment, click the link below to contact us directly. 


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Home and business owners in Galesburg IL rely on MSI for air conditioning repair that is dependable, quick, and convenient. We are a family-owned company, which means that we know what it's like to have a faulty air conditioning at home or at the office.


We promptly show up at your location and quickly repair your air conditioning units so that your required comfort levels can be restored. As a caring company, MSI ensures quality in every repair work to prevent repeat service.




Common Air Conditioning Problems


Since their development in the early 20th century, modern air conditioning units have become efficient and relatively trouble-free machines. However, similar to other major appliances, this equipment can have mechanical or electrical problems due to wear and tear, misuse, or infrequent maintenance. Therefore, common air conditioning problems arise.


For example, an air conditioning system may fail to operate at the beginning of the cooling season, and that's because the unit will not turn on if the thermostat is defective or set improperly. Verifying that the thermostat selector is set in the “cooling” position helps. Some systems have a built-in timer that delays the activation of the equipment. Several minutes may be required for the timer to complete its cycle. Thereafter, the thermostat should be adjusted several degrees below the temperature inside the home. A service professional may be required if a thermostat requires calibration.


Another potential issue is that your unit is not receiving enough electrical power or not at all. When this happens, you can locate your main fuse panel and determine whether the fuse or circuit breaker for the equipment has blown or tripped. Thereafter, you can replace a blown fuse with one of the same amperage or reset the circuit breaker. Persistent electrical problems beyond this point may require a professional.


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