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At Mechanical Service Inc., we have a diverse listing of services to choose from across multiple communities in West-Central Illinois. Our team is committed to 100% satisfaction from our customers and prides ourselves in being trusted in the Galesburg, IL & Peoria, IL communities for over 44 years! We have dedicated teams in both Galesburg & Peoria standing by ready with 24-hour service schedules to help repair your plumbing, air conditioning, furnace, or electrical systems.



Galesburg, IL Office Info

1144 Monmouth Blvd.

Galesburg, IL 61401

(309) 342-8136



Peoria, IL Office Info

7800 N. Pioneer Ct.

Peoria, IL 61615

(309) 693-4222


Peoria, IL Services


Peoria County Plumbing Service

Our plumbing services may be among our most popular and what makes us best known for residential repair services. Whether you’re facing leaky or faulty pipes, water problems throughout your house, or toilet problems, we will be able to help you quickly and at a competitive price! Our plumbers & pipefitters ensure your home has an efficient system installed to save you money on wasted resources.


Peoria County Furnace Repair Service

Call our Peoria office to have us handle your furnace heating repair service needs today! We will come out to your location, inspect & identify what is wrong, and work tirelessly to repair your heating system. Whether it is a pilot light or duct work that needs serviced, we are the best choice for the Peoria area to get the job done right!  


Peoria County Air Conditioner Repair Service

Our air conditioner repair technicians have worked on a variety of heating & cooling systems throughout the Peoria area. Don’t be left in the heat of summer without air conditioning! We have scheduled service options to work on your air conditioning unit when you need it. Wait no more for cool air relief this summer with our high quality AC repair services!


Peoria County Electrician Service

Our team of electricians located out of our Peoria, IL office have the tools & experience needed to work on your electrical systems and repair what is needed. Our in-depth training programs and continuing education efforts give our electricians the time, information, and ability to repair even the most unique of situations. Don’t be without power or expose yourself to the risks of faulty wiring, rely on our 24 hour services to repair your electrical system today!


Peoria County Metal Fabrication Service

For our commercial projects, we have custom metal fabrication services that will be able to meet the unique needs of your project. Between cutting, welding and forming, our process ensures consistency and accuracy in the work we do. If you have a template, we are able to adhere to your specifications with precision – call today to speak with one of our fabricators!


Galesburg, IL Services

At our Galesburg, IL location, our team serves not only the city of Galesburg and its residents, but also some of the surrounding communities, including: East Galesburg, Knoxville, Coldbrook, Henderson, Wataga and more! Our office relies on maintaining the highest quality plumbing, air conditioning, furnace and electrical repair services in town – call today to schedule your repair or get a free consultation for your next project!  


Plumbing Services

Misplaced or standing water can be detrimental to your home. Don’t let yourself face this problem, proactively seek the professional plumbing & pipefitting services from Mechanical Services Inc. in Galesburg, IL. We perform emergency plumbing systems repair for homeowners throughout the area and can routinely inspect pipes, toilets & faucets to ensure efficiency and dependability.


Air Conditioner Repair Services

For your air conditioning unit to function properly this summer, you should have it routinely checked & inspected by the heating & cooling professionals at the MSI Galesburg office. You want your air conditioner cooling ratio to be at optimal levels so you are left facing the tough Central Illinois heat this summer. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call MSI’s Galesburg office to schedule an inspection of your AC unit today!


Furnace Repair Services

Having a faulty furnace that needs service because it isn’t producing heat during the winter can be extremely dangerous and costly for your family. We will inspect, replace, and repair anything that needs work on your heating system, ducts, and pilot lights to ensure your system remains reliable through the harsh winter months. Call our team today!


Electrician Services

Electrical systems must work properly to allow your home to function normally. Without it, you’re left not being able to cook, be entertained, or enjoy your family’s presence after dark. We offer 24-hour service on repairing electrical systems in Galesburg for families that don’t want to wait for other repair companies to fix it when it’s convenient for them. Choose MSI to work on your electrical system!  


Metal Fabrication Services

When working with commercial companies in the Galesburg area on their projects, we are able to provide high quality metal fabrication services that are unparalleled in West-Central Illinois. Our welding, cutting, and forming services provide the highest levels of consistency and accuracy; leaving you to focus on other important aspects of your custom commercial project. Call our Galesburg Office to speak with one of our fabricators today!