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Plumbing Repair in Peoria, IL

Plumbing Repair in Peoria, ILReliable Plumbing Repair in Peoria


Most homeowners have the capabilities and tools on hand to perform simple, minor plumbing issues. Unclogging a drain, fixing a leaky faucet, or installing a new showerhead - these tasks are fairly easy to perform and can be completed in a matter of minutes or hours, depending on skill level. However, sometimes, a home's plumbing requires major work that takes skill beyond a novice's abilities. One may have complete confidence in doing the task himself. Plus, resources on the Internet seem boundless (there are even YouTube videos for many plumbing repair tasks). Nevertheless, major plumbing problems need professional plumbing repair. Whether you have an emergency caused by a major leak or a faulty piping problem, a professional plumber is the answer.



Plumbing repair in Peoria is best provided by trusted firm with nearly half a decade of experience. Mechanical Service, Inc. is such a firm, offering expert plumbing repair services to both residential and commercial customers. Mechanical Service, Inc. (MSI) is a family-owned company, which means that we know the importance of having prompt and quick service, as we exceed the expectations of every customer by offering outstanding customer service. Whether it is a leaky toilet, a busted pipe, or anything in between, we can handle all types of plumbing repair jobs. Moreover, our 24-hour service means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you can call on us anytime for expert plumbing repair. Residents and business owners in Peoria IL trust us for quality services, and you should, too.




Some Types of Repairs that Require a ProfessionalProfessional Plumbing Repair


Some plumbing repair tasks are dangerous and should not be attempted by the average homeowner. We outline a few plumbing problems where you will need to call on MSI, a licensed, professional plumber, to help.


Sump Pump Repairs


Sump pumps are the specialized cleanup devices in a house. When a pump is damaged or not activated in a correct way, you may not know until it is too late. Calling a professional to handle the issue is the best move you can make.


Deep Clogs 


If a clog can't be cleared with a plunger or snake, then it’s time to call a plumber. We don't recommend using chemical drain cleaners to solve a clog. Chances are the cleaner will not work, and you will be left with standing toxic water. Tree roots and other things cause deep clogs that require serious plumbing tools.


Anything That Requires Outdoor Repairs


A backyard often has a network of piping. If a septic tank or external plumbing system is damaged in your home, call a plumber immediately. Often, these jobs can be bigger than they seem, and they may require advanced knowledge and equipment.


Water Supply Lines 


Misconnected lines cause contamination and backflow. Always call a plumber to work on supply lines because repairing supply lines may require soldering. Soldering creates a fire hazard, a professional with the right skills, tools, and experience is needed. Furthermore, the wrong type of solder can cause harmful substances to leach into your water.


Hot Water Systems


Water heaters may be deceptively simple because they do not have many moving parts. However, they contain water that can scald. Tank heaters are bulky and heavy and are powered by either electricity or gas, which needs professional knowledge. In addition, some repairs may require soldering, especially for systems that use copper pipes.


Sewer and Wasteline Repair


This repair aspect should go without saying, but it is still worth mentioning. Sewer gases are explosive and toxic. Thus, you should never work on sewer lines.


Anything Behind the Walls


Any plumbing issue that you feel to be hiding behind the wall or under the floors of your house should always be left to a professional. Plumbers know exactly how to efficiently handle these problems without causing damage to the rest of your house.


Plumbing Repair ExpertsYour Plumbing Repair Experts in Peoria


Rely on MSI today for quality plumbing repair that will get your plumbing system back to normal operation in no time. Whether it is minor repair that you can't do because of your busy schedule or a complete kitchen or bath remodel, MSI can be the contractor that you can turn to for help. We take pride in our work, and we want you to have the highest quality service possible. We also perform specialized repairs such as ejector pits, lawn irrigation repair, backflow repairs, geothermal repairs, and radiant in-floor heating repair.


In addition, we have complete sheet metal and pipe fabrication shops, so any materials needed for repair can be easily made available. We value our customers, and that's why we give 100% of our efforts to solving their plumbing problems.


Trust MSI today for professional plumbing repair in Peoria. Get in touch with one of our professionals for fast and efficient repair services.


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